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Protecting Teens On The Internet

Did you know that 20% of children ages 10-17 reported receiving some sort of online sexual solicitation and that 75% of those kids who receive a sexual solicitation online do not report this to their parents? And were you aware that 90% of young people ages 8-16 have viewed pornography and that the largest consumers of  Internet pornography are youth between the ages of 12-17? And 25% of adolescents surveyed in 2007 reported [1] (Keep Reading)

Power Struggles With Your Teenager? Do you feel like you can't win?

picture of tug of war with rope

Strengthen Your Strategy Today


Featured Articles

The Top Twenty Worst Things You Can Do as a Parent of an Adolescent

In this article, the author has listed twenty of the worst things a parent of an adolescent can do that contribute to or result in emotional and behavioral problems for developing teens. Have you made the list? (Find out here)

The 5 C's for Effective Parenting of Adolescents

Raising teenagers can be difficult for even the most skilled parents. Suddenly it seems, they completely change overnight and what seemed to be going along just fine can become a daily struggle headed for disaster in a heartbeat. While absolutely nothing can guarantee a smooth and successful transition into adulthood, there are some things that parents can do to increase the odds of a positive outcome with their adolescents. In this article, the author summarizes her professional expertise of what works with teens in five words all beginning with "C". (Keep Reading)

All About Self-Harm and 7 Techniques for Helping Your Teenager End the Destruction

Self-harm may take a variety of forms including cutting, burning, compulsive skin-picking, and carving on the skin often severely enough to cause bleeding and permanent scarring. Typically these destructive behaviors are done in isolation and hidden from view. This article will help you to identify indicators of this highly addictive cycle and offer methods of interrupting it. It is important for parents to understand the reasons and effects behind self-mutilation in order to (Continued)

The 8 Requirements for Parents in Successfully Attacking Adolescent Substance Abuse

If you suspect your teen is using alcohol or drugs, your actions could make the difference between what may now be typical experimentation and what could later become full-blown alcohol and drug addiction. It is essential that parents be informed and aware, and know how best to react to avoid (Continued Next Page)

The Dating Formula That Doesn't Compute

It is amazing to realize that many in our society have been applying the same formula regarding heterosexual adolescent dating for generations, and when we do the math that same equation fails to simply teach both genders about self respect and respecting each other. Despite these computations, it is still typical for many parents to (Continued Inside)

The Top 10 Warning Signs of Adolescent Depression and When to Seek Professional Help

Most teenagers are moody at times due to changing hormones and life cycle issues. Recent statistics indicate that clinical depression affects approximately 9% of adolescents, and that suicide was the third leading cause of death among kids ages 13-18 in 2004 across all races and both genders. This article will help parents identify the top 10 indicators of depression in their teen and know when they need to seek professional assistance. [2] (Read More Inside)



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